Mastering Sales Membership with CPR

SELLability provides special customized memberships for businesses that need a reliable partner to help improve their overall sales productivity.

Depending on your needs, we customize packages that consist of successful actions designed to get your company sales productivity to the levels they need to be. After a full evaluation of your sales department, and after isolating what may be preventing sales from occurring at these higher levels, we will discuss what is needed to help get you on the right track.

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The SELLability Master CPR Sales Membership is unique.

We isolated 8 Core Abilities that we found successful sales people around the globe have in common and our training provides you with in depth information on how to improve these abilities and give you the practical exercises that make them a reality.

As a member you get a wide variety of benefits that will put you in the front seat, such as:

  • Sales Skills Assessment - As a Mastering Sales Member you are entitled to get a free evaluation of your Sales Skills Assessment and full recommendations on your forward progress as a successful salesperson. A SELLability professional will go over all your strengths and weaknesses and guide you in the right direction.
  • Our 80/20 Sales Course - As a Mastering Sales Member you are entitled to unlimited access to our 80/20 Sales Technology course. This course helps you isolate and improve on the exact reasons you can close any sale.
  • SELLability Knowledge Center- You get full access to the SELLability Knowledge Center with special articles, how-to-videos, sales exercises, tips & tools as well as full access to the SELLability Webinars/Webcasts archive. As a member you can access the Knowledge Center anytime, 24/7. It’s a wealth of information and you can use it whenever you want to, whether you’re stuck in a particular sales situation, if you simply want to be inspired or if you just want to improve your skills and see your paycheck rise!
  • Monthly Webcast - Members receive a free monthly webcast accompanied by the exercise of the month. These webcasts and exercises keep you progressing on a continuous basis and provide you with effective and powerful information and tools that you can put into immediate use. Bought separately, just one webcast costs more than a monthly membership subscription and you receive 4 of these every single month.