Sales Team Building

I have to be honest. Three months ago I truly doubted you could change this company for the better, but thankfully my doubts have been proven wrong. An uninspired, lethargic sales force and a stale company culture have been rejuvenated with your help over these few months.
–L. Joss, CEO, Surfaces USA

Do you have the winning sales team?

Sales team building has been found to significantly improve cooperation and morale within the sales force and thereby increasing overall sales statistics. The results that can be achieved are nothing short of remarkable.

So what is Sales Team Building? It consist of an exact a series of steps and exercises that will build your sales team enabling them to achieve greater results as a group. They will be inspired and motivated to work as a team resulting in increased sales individually and overall.

Great sales people are often very competitive, which is a good thing, but it can also prevent some from being good team players.

Why? Because they always strive for that number one spot in the sales force. They want to be the best. It’s a very solo-driven activity, which is not always in the best interest of the group. You want them to continue to strive to be number one, but still while being part of a winning team.

Improving the individual performance of your salespeople is utterly important, but it’s equally important to create a stellar sales team. It’s not just individuals that affect the sales team; you will also see that overall team morale will affect individual sales results significantly.

Factually, sales teams that are united and interact well when needed will always out-sell their competition, making sales team building a vital necessity within your sales force.

Customers no longer rely solely on sales people for product or service information, but often complete their research online before they even talk to a sales representative. This requires new skills sets from the entire sales force, since buyers are much more prepared and informed today. Sales, marketing, and even technical personnel must work closer to improve results in sales.

Successful teamwork depends on many individuals with different competency levels that fully complement each other when it really counts.

Such engaging scenarios are difficult to create within the limitations of a classroom, as certain exercises are needed to create a united and well-coordinated team that can meet the challenges and out-perform the competition.

SELLability has the team-building solution that will inspire your sales team to become excited and passionate about the goals and purposes that you, as an executive, are trying to make a reality.

Sales targets are finally achievable.

Evaluating Your Sales Force

Evaluating your sales force is an important first step in the process of determining the next steps forward. With the SELLability Sales Skills Assessment, we’re able to see exactly where your entire sales force is at with laser sharp precision. We will evaluate our findings for you and recommend a customized solution that matches the exact situation in your current sales force and the objectives you want to accomplish.

Measuring Your Sales Productivity

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.
Lord Kelvin

It is vitally important that you measure each individual sales person on personal performance as well as the overall performance for the sales group. Whatever your financial goals, there are key performance metrics earlier in the line in any sales process that can be identified and easily managed to achieve those goals or correct them when you find yourself drifting.

These statistics become an early warning system to alert you of coming problems or helps you to continue successful actions, if you’re on the right path.

Virtually all companies minimally use basic metrics to calculate income and profits. However, those metrics are way down the line. Many earlier activities feed into those results. When you’re setting sales targets you need early indicators that will eventually lead you toward your goals, highlighting how and where you can increase sales.

When used properly the statistics you gather and their trends can be analyzed in more detail to narrow in on why you are, or aren’t, achieving your goals and how to achieve them faster, more easily and consistently.

SELLability will help you to predictably improve the performance of your sales force. You’ll know whether or not you’re on the right course with plenty of time to adjust course if numbers start to drift off target. You won’t just be reporting great results; you’ll be causing them to occur.

Sales Managers

Part of SELLability sales team building, is to ensure that the team leader, the Sales Manager, is able to continue the actions that we help the company implement, so that sales performance continues to improve.

A good Sales Manager has to be able to know:

  • How to be a highly successful Team Leader
  • Fundamental Sales Team Building exercises
  • How to encourage and motivate sales people
  • How to create a positive, high-energy sales team
  • Create strategies and plans for the sales team
  • Set sales targets for individuals and the sales force
  • Monitor, improve and handle sales performance
  • Create sales statistics and prepare reports
  • And much more

Utilizing the Sales Team Building program that SELLability has to offer will take you and your sales team through a series of drills and exercises. These are designed to help lay a foundation of key stepping stones over which you and your sales people can walk, coming out the other side as a cohesive team, all moving strongly in the same direction, creating better results than ever before.

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