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The main barrier to success in selling isn’t a lack of understanding of closing techniques or simply the ability to listen, it’s much more fundamental. It is the ability to get the prospect to talk (after all, what prospective buyer will ever tell a salesperson they don’t trust their true feelings and concerns?) and to then, through a better understanding of human relationships, help change the prospect’s mind.


This is the ability to positively steer your client in the right direction. This includes assertiveness and involves the discipline necessary to successfully present your product or service using a pre-determined sales process. Selling successfully isn’t about “winging it” and hoping for the best. What the majority of salespeople do not understand is that most buyers love, even crave, positive control.


Finding prospects is one thing. Finding qualified prospects is another. Talk to salespeople and many will tell you that the only problem they have in selling is finding qualified prospects. That may be the case or not, but regardless, difficulty prospecting is an issue we believe the majority can and must overcome.


This is what “buyer’s buy.” Certainty is an attribute that forms the very foundation of success in any profession. Ever see a sports icon win a game, match or tournament without certainty? This is the salesperson that is totally proficient in product knowledge, the sales process and objection handling.


What some would refer to as an intangible characteristic is actually one of the most tangible of all. Prospects sense it; they are encouraged to buy from you because of it. Confidence stems from the ability to “read” a prospect well and the understanding that the buying process is emotionally driven.


Today’s buyers many times know as much and sometimes more about the product or service than the salespeople they meet. This shouldn’t always be. An uneducated salesperson is his or her own worst enemy. When that same salesperson has an added understanding of everything from marketing, the ‘unique selling proposition’ that is central to any business success, time management, forecasting, quota attainment and buyer behavior, they attain a new level of competence.


We all know the ability to close the deal is paramount to achieving your goals. But how many know that the close is not a magic formula or a technique designed to beat a prospect into submission, but rather the culmination of all the successful actions taken prior to this next-to-final step. Closing is a learned ability; it’s where real salesmanship occurs.

Customer Relationship

Ultimately we believe that “selling is an exchange where both parties win.” This final stage involves the crucial delivery stage of your product or service. It’s also where the buying cycle begins all over again, after all the better the “exchange” the more your new client will make the decision to not only retain your services but insist on referring you to others.

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