SELLability had a profound effect on my business. After learning the tools, SELLability gave me the ability to sell myself and my business increased dramatically. More over, when I go to see the prospect I know, that he will be closed. It may take one, two or three visits, but the positive outcome is inevitable.

SELLability helped me to uncover, all the difficulties that were standing in my way to successful closure. After I learned all the tricks of being myself and felt comfortable to do the presentations, I started having fun meeting the prospects. At which point I thought, that I am done, I can do it!!! However, for unknown reasons, at the time, even after having incredible presentations and being liked, the sale wouldn’t occur.

SELLability taught me to observe certain things, ask questions that are necessary to understand the needs and wants of the prospect, uncover the truth and only then leave the meeting. After this, my confidence in closure improved to almost 90%.

I now only go for prospects that can deliver the most to my company. It is funny, but they have to fit my criteria and not the other way around. That is what confidence in sales delivers. If you have the ability to close them all, why not go for the top 10?

Helen Kizler


Through SELLability training I doubled my income and was the top sales rep at my software company for 3 years in a row.

I learned so many applicable and usable tools with this training. First I never considered that I had a problem with communication as I was always so outgoing and could talk to anyone but I learned that there is more than being outgoing and having no fear when it comes to communication.

It really has to do with creating such a safe environment that anyone can say what they really feel about my product so that I could effectively handle that objection. It was the objections I never heard that caused me so much trouble and I realized that I wasn’t creating a safe enough environment for them to express their biggest fear.

Additionally I was under the impression that corporate sales was a logical process and once I realized that no matter the situation (B2B, B2C etc…) the buying process is always emotionally – boy did my sales and income jump! It wasn’t just a matter of recognizing that it is emotional either, because there is so much more about the sales process that you must master in order to be truly effective.

I could go on and on about the successes as I had so many, but in the end I would not have been the top sales rep 3 years running without the foundation that SELLability has given me, I can go anywhere and sell anything with this training.

Holleigh Taufer


Thoroughly informative and intuitive training – with easily applicable tools that can be drilled and taught to really create effective sales people. This was a fantastic investment for my company and I highly recommend SELLability!

Stu Rosenbaum
Owner and CEO, US Merchant Systems


In a perfect world, we could all just be good at our craft and our work would speak for itself.

But I found it very interesting over the years that I could win an Emmy for a James Cameron documentary, but have a first time film maker or student decide to use someone with less experience or facility. WHY? “I guess it just wasn”t meant to be or I guess we”re over qualified”, would make me feel better about not getting a project, but I knew it just wasn”t true.

After getting training in SELLability, I learned that Sales is just as much a skill as my craft itself. I”ve been involved in Sales most of my adult life but I never really considered what I was doing, “SALES.” This doesn”t mean I now close every project every time, but I”m so much better than I used to be and if anything, I don”t feel I have to close every project that I meet. Honestly, I do way less Sales than I used to, but work on more projects. And I don”t feel like I”m doing Sales anymore. I”m just interviewing the clients to determine how we can work together or not. Sales used to be this thing that I didn”t want to do, but I thought I had to do and there”s nothing to it, you just meet and people will be interested if you’re good at what you do. THAT”S WHERE I WAS INCORRECT!

If anything, I”ve learned how to better service my clients by making sure they understand their options. SELLability is an honest approach to help your clients and have them choose what”s right for their situation. If you come off as though you’re just trying to sell them something, that really can push clients and customers away from your business. You are the expert and you are the best to guide them in their decision. SELLability breaks down the tools to help you in the process of introducing someone to your product or service.

Thanks guys for all your help!

David Kitchens
Owner/Sound Supervisor Juniper Post


I’ve learned more about my weaknesses as a salesman in the past two days than ever before. How to resolve them and/or learn from them myself, which is something I have long desired as a salesman. I’m now interesting in improving my skills!

Mike Hilly


Clarity of the sales cycle and how to apply it to achieve a greater level of sales is what I got out of SELLability

Steven Fluke


My story about this training would have to include the fact of the way I was selling by selling “Acceptance” way too much. SELLability has taught me to bring out the resistance right away and get all objections on the table in order to overcome them. This will lead to more sales and the trust of my future clients.

Jeff Johnson


I didn’t know what to fully expect at SELLAbility. They made it so much fun, real and applicable to us and really got everyone involved. I’ve never seen a two-day training with so many people where I never observed that they didn’t have the interest of everyone there! There are several tools that I look forward to applying and I realize what needs to be improved and created in my area to increase my success. I really think this is one of the best trainings I’ve ever received.

Steven Brian


The SELLability workshop was by far the best training program I have ever attended. That being said, I would highly recommend SELLability to anyone in the sales industry. If you’re a single individual or perhaps a business owner, their workshops are the absolute best way to become the most successful you will ever be. SELLability teaches you to become a true sales professional, not just your everyday sales man.

Jeremy Abel


The SELLAbility program is a consistent and duplicatable process that shows the salesperson how to be a better producer and improve the sales performance measurably, as well as earn more money!!!

KC Jones


The sales training you provided was exceptional. The training was comprehensive and valuable to both the seasoned professional and novice alike. To have you share your knowledge was priceless. I loved the concept of thinking of the sales call as an opportunity for conversation and surveying. That being said, I can hardly wait to apply these new techniques. I guess the most important thing I left with was the excitement to get out in the field and confidence that I have the tools to do it. Thanks again for all your help, advice, and patience, I am really looking forward to putting what I learned in training into action.

Virginia Murphy
Rhode Island


I have to be honest. Three months ago I truly doubted you could change this company for the better, but thankfully my doubts have been proven wrong. An uninspired, lethargic sales force and a stale company culture have been rejuvenated with your help over these few months. Instead of having salespeople wandering aimlessly, we now have them focused on setting and meeting sales targets, in fact, with your input our wholesale department”s monthly sales were the highest ever in February; nearly double monthly production levels from 2009, and March”s numbers are also on a terrific pace. Introducing a 120-page sales manual customized to our needs was so important to giving our managers and their salespeople a step-by-step selling system to work from. Failure is no longer an option. What”s clear is there are no more doubts as to what every sales manager and salesperson needs to do to increase sales and keep them up.

Other improvements we have made in tandem have the whole company thoroughly excited about the future, including upgrades to the showrooms, a new state-of-the-art website, new branding and re-designed marketing materials and new sales and management staff hired, trained and ready to perform. I”m truly amazed so much was done in so little time. The bottom line is we are much better off for having had you here. You gave us more than we ever expected, but more importantly taught us that our success lies in giving our customers more than they ever expect to receive.

L. Joss
CEO, Surfaces USA


My guys are now excited about this game of selling, and the increase in business reflects that. When you come here to train them they get excited and they are very, very willing to learn. More importantly, they can easily apply these sales techniques in the field. We have implemented the selling drills on a regular basis and they understand the challenge. Additionally, with the programs we implemented in the phone department, handling incoming and outgoing calls has also seen a huge improvement. Thanks again for helping us grow our bottom line.

Bryan Oksas
Co-CEO, Payless


After 25 years in this business I have to say I was amazed by your depth of knowledge on the psychology of selling. The closing techniques were masterful. The “Impingement Principle” is forever stamped on my brain. “The Client Reach Technique” is brilliant, plus your storytelling ability really helped to bring home the major points. I now know why other business owners I spoke to told me you are the master instructor.

Mark Murphy


Having you here was one of the best investments I have ever made. Not only did we fix all of our sales and marketing issues but morale is higher, productivity levels are higher, the phones are ringing, I have a strategic plan for the future and we know exactly what to do to continue this upswing.

A. Patel
CEO, Ashtel


I’ve found, through this boot camp, that I can use sales in my everyday life. I don’t have a job that works exclusively with sales, but I’ve found these unique and effective tools to greatly improve my confidence. I now have these basic tools and techniques that have inspired me to work on and improve my sales skills!



I really got the component parts of the sales process sorted out today so I’m much more confident I can export this to my staff, spot how well they’re applying it and how I can direct them back to the Sellability membership website for brushing up.

Dr. John Moore


I learned how to sharpen the purpose of an initial rapport-building conversation in order to uncover a wealth of information about what the prospect really needs. This is a quick way to be able to address his main concerns.

Gordon Limtiaco


What I’ve really taken away from the beginning of the camp is how important the beginning of the cycle is. Not only that but how much you can gain from the beginning to use later for a smooth close. The salesman is a data gatherer from his prospect. I think that is one thing that is missing.

Jeff Spick


I love Sellability collateral marketing, using critical points to continue engaging customers. This will help me keep customers in the office rather than let them walk out with bad information/misinformation.



I heard about a free sales skills assessment test that you can take at SELLability.com from a friend. I was curious and since it was free, I decided to do it. I mean, what could it hurt? I found the assessment test simple enough and I answered all the questions as truthfully as I could. When I finished, a graph was immediately displayed. It literally laid out for me what I was strongest in and what I was weak in and needed to handle. I was shocked at how much that graph represented the exact situation with me. And, for the first time, I felt like I could really take the steps I needed in order to improve not only my situation but my revenue for real. Thanks SELLability for providing this awesome free service!!

J.S. Sales Director


My consultant recommended that I join the Pro Sales Membership at SELLability so that I could have a “continuous improvement system” to help me get to the next level. I went ahead and signed up for the monthly service, took their sales skills assessment test, and then received a detailed evaluation and an amazing program that I could do online. I spent about 15 minutes on the program every few days. The key they told me was to take what I learned each time and start to integrate it into how I operate each day so that it becomes 2nd nature to me. I found it easy to do based on watching their videos and reading their articles. It has really helped me to get to the top of my game and stay there and I can’t even imagine not having this amazing system now!

Business Owner