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After 25 years in this business I have to say I was amazed by your depth of knowledge on the psychology of selling. The closing techniques were masterful.  The “Impingement Principle” is forever stamped on my brain.  “The Client Reach Technique” is brilliant, plus your storytelling ability really helped to bring home the major points.  I now know why other business owners I spoke to told me you are the master instructor.
–Mark Murphy, Boston

Delivered on-site at your business, or at our workshop facility.

After more than five years of global research and billions of dollars in sales, we discovered the exact skills possessed by the top 20 percent of salespeople in the world-those individuals responsible for 80 percent of sales. We discovered what causes most salespeople to be inconsistent and fail to achieve their quotas.

Are you tired of sales failures? Your sales team can't seem to make their quotas? Counting on sales to close that don't come through?

We can teach your sales force the technology of sales which covers any topic necessary to make your sales team a success. The workshops are custom-focuses to your company and industry and are interactive. They include specialized roleplaying drills to ensure your sales team can apply what they learn in their sales.

Workshop topics include:

  • Knowing your Unique Selling Proposition and turning all your employees into sales ambassadors for your company.
  • The characteristics of top 10% sales producers, why do they succeed when others struggle?
  • Knowing the three basic elements of successfully studying any subject and how using them in selling can double productivity levels.
  • The sales process is made much easier with the right marketing collateral, but only if it “makes the case” for your product or service and impinges on the prospect.
  • Closing deals doesn’t happen at the end of a presentation, it’s a process that involves increasing value and reducing the prospect’s perceived risk.
  • and more, much more.

Refund Policy:

A full refund will be credited by check or credit card (depending on your form of payment) to any unsatisfied workshop attendee who informs us by lunchtime on the first day of the workshop.

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