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Problems in sales

The top 20% of salespeople account for 62% of revenue. 80% of the sales force only brings in 38% of the revenue.
2009 CSO Insights

This means that if you have a sales force of 10 people, 2 of them are bringing in 62% or more of total sales revenue while the other 8 salespeople are only bringing in 38% of total revenue.

And there is more. According to a 2011 Accenture Sales Survey: “51% of salespeople failed to meet their quotas.”

Sales force turnover is huge, 26% of salespeople leave voluntarily (free will – 11%) and involuntary (let go – 15%).” This level of attrition is enormously expensive – factually you must hire four salespeople to find one performer.

This is very costly for you and your company, not only in hard costs but also in lost sales.

The longer you wait the more sales you’re going to lose.
David Kitchens, Emmy Award Winner

Is there a solution?

The Harvard Business Review from July 2012 clearly shows that your success lies in the ability to get in real communication with another. It states:

Analyzing data from more than 100,000 business decision makers, Chally (a sales force consulting group) discovered that 39% of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the salesperson rather than price, quality or service features.

The fundamental flaw in today’s sales training programs is that they don’t account for the undeniable truth – people buy from people!

The MISSING LINK in the sales process is the salesperson’s inability to truly connect with the prospect and build a solid foundation of trust that handles and overcomes any future resistance their prospects may have.

The solution is finally here and it’s called Core Ability Sales Training or CAST™. SELLability has isolated 8 Core Abilities that the most successful salespeople around the world have in common.

Core Ability Sales Training is based on these 8 Core Abilities.

SELLability provides all the sales training you need.

Using Core Ability Sales Training TM, SELLability delivers many services that will drive your sales productivity to new heights.

Free Newsletter

Isn’t it time to get your sales up where you really want it to be? The SELLability Newsletter will give you a quick boost that will help you increase your sales statistics right away. For every day you wait you lose income!

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Free Video Sales Tips

The free Sales Tips from SELLability is an exciting series of quick tips that will help you approach sales in ways that will increase your success rate in sales. You simple can’t afford to wait any longer. These sales tips are designed especially for you.

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Free Sales Skills Assessment

Are you looking to improve your sales skills? Pinpoint your weaknesses?

Take our sales skills assessment now and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Find out how you can close more deals easier and more effectively boosting your sales now!

This quick and easy test will give you an in-depth analysis of your sales abilities, so you know where to focus on improvement and where to pat yourself on the back.

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Sales Courses

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The SELLability Pro Sales Membership offers you a unique E-training facility with monthly webcasts and exercises in a Knowledge Center packed with practical information and tools that will ensure improved success for you, whether you’re a sales person or a sales manager.

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Delivered on-site at your business, or at our workshop facility.

Our workshops can be customized to provide a variety of business selling solutions including turning your employees into the salespeople they need to be to ensure your success.

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Sales Consulting

SELLability offers consulting packages that will take your entire sales force to a brand new level of performance. We will evaluate the entire sales process from cold calling to closing to customer service and optimize every single step along the way.

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Sales Team Building

So what is Sales Team Building? It consist of an exact a series of steps and exercises that will build your sales team enabling them to achieve greater results as a group. They will be inspired and motivated to work as a team resulting in increased sales individually and overall.

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Sales Coaching

There is a new cutting edge technology on the market now called “Core Ability Sales Training”™ or “CAST”™. SELLability has isolated 8 core abilities that the most successful sales people around the world have in common. The Core Ability Sales TrainingTM system is based on these 8 core abilities.

The graduates of Core Ability Sales Training™ reports continuous improvement of their sales performance and the ability to maintain their skills in any economy.

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Sales Life Line

When your Sales Force or Sales Manager needs help, who is there for them? SELLability has the world’s first “emergency line” for sales people and sales managers! The Sales Life-Line delivers world class sales mentors to you right over the phone, whenever you need it.

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The demand for our Workshops have been so great that we decided to offer webinars in order to accommodate those that are not able to attend our 1 or 2 day workshops or 3-4 day boot camps.

The webinars run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and are a cost effective way to get vital and useful information in a short period of time that can be applied right away to increase sales. Webinars can be attended live or streamed to you later at a convenient time.

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Take the FREE Sales Skills Assessment now and we will show you where you’re currently at in the 8C’s of Selling.

Welcome to the start of a successful career in sales.
Welcome to SELLability – the Pro Sales Network!

Receive Vital Sales Information Weekly, What’s to lose?


Our Client's Words

Through SELLability training I doubled my income and was the top sales rep at my software company for 3 years in a row ... I can go anywhere and sell anything with this training.
Holleigh Taufer
SELLability had a profound effect on my business. After learning the tools, SELLability gave me the ability to sell myself and my business increased dramatically. Moreover, when I go to see the prospect I know, that he will be closed. It may take one, two or three visits, but the positive outcome is inevitable.
Helen Kizler, Pharm.D
Thoroughly informative and intuitive training – with easily applicable tools that can be drilled and taught to really create effective sales people. This was a fantastic investment for my company and I highly recommend SELLability!
Stu Rosenbaum
Owner and CEO, US Merchant Systems
The SELLability workshop was by far the best training program I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone in the sales industry ... their workshops are the absolute best way to become the most successful you will ever be. SELLability teaches you to become a true sales professional, not just your everyday salesman.
Jeremy Abel
The sales training you provided was exceptional. The training was comprehensive and valuable to both the seasoned professional and novice alike ... your knowledge was priceless.
Virginia Murphy
I have to be honest. Three months ago I truly doubted you could change this company for the better, but thankfully my doubts have been proven wrong ... our wholesale department”s monthly sales were the highest ever in February; nearly double [prior] levels.
L. Joss
CEO, Surfaces USA
My guys are now excited about this game of selling, and the increase in business reflects that. When you come here to train them they get excited and they are very, very willing to learn. More importantly, they can easily apply these sales techniques in the field.
Bryan Oksas
Co-CEO, Payless
After 25 years in this business I have to say I was amazed by your depth of knowledge on the psychology of selling. The closing techniques were masterful. The “Impingement Principle” is forever stamped on my brain. “The Client Reach Technique” is brilliant, plus your storytelling ability really helped to bring home the major points. I now know why other business owners I spoke to told me you are the master instructor.
Mark Murphy
Having you here was one of the best investments I have ever made. Not only did we fix all of our sales and marketing issues but morale is higher, productivity levels are higher, the phones are ringing, I have a strategic plan for the future and we know exactly what to do to continue this upswing.
A. Patel
CEO, Ashtel
My consultant recommended that I join the Pro Sales Membership at SELLability so that I could have a “continuous improvement system” to help me get to the next level. I spent about 15 minutes on the program every few days. It has really helped me to get to the top of my game and stay there and I can’t even imagine not having this amazing system now!